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Lucky Nails & Spa

42150 Cook St Ste D Palm Desert CA 92211 US

Lucky Nails & Skin Care

Thank you for visiting!

Here at Lucky Nails, we use only the pharmaceutical grade skin care products from Dermaesthetics of Beverly Hills

(please click on the link above to read more about this wonderful brand)

We offer 2 types of facials

1- Hydration Facial: also known as European facial, it cleanses, calms, hydrates, and soothes all skin types

2- Clinical Facial: Chemical peel from level 1-3 is customized for individuals' skin needs, varies from sensitive skin to normal/combination or dry/oily skin.

***Level 1: EXFOLIATING (no downtime)

Active Enzyme Peel: exfoliate and smooth; remove oil, dead skin, debris, and dirt; unclog pores and revive.

Green Apple Peel: luminous glow; remove oil and tighten skin while revealing golden radiant skin.

Pumpkin Peel: naturally firm; tighten and soften fine lines and wrinkles away with fresh pumpkin.

Beta 10 Herbal Masque: organic age renew; stimulate and boost collagen synthesis while firming and brightening.

Vitamin C Oxygen Peel: instant whitening, brighten and lighten with pure Vitamin C and Oxygen.

Lactic 20: hydrating acid for smooth and sensitive exfoliation.

Glycolic Peel 15: lift and firm, exfoliation for firmer and healthier skin

***Level 2: RESURFACING (3 days downtime)

Salix 25: acne clear, effective treat and lift acne through the use of Willow bark extract.

Ageless Peel: fine lines and tighten; flake away fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening skin firmness and tone.

Purification Peel: acne resurfacing; lift off acne scars while removing deep underlying acne on the surface of the skin.

Glycolic Peel 20/30: lift and firm; exfoliation for firmer and healthier skin.

SLG/SLR: multi-layered peel; Jessner Peel with rich Willow bark, milk, and sugar peeling.

***Level 3: DEEP PEELING (5 days downtime)

Blue Deep Sea Herbal Peel: flake away fine lines, pigmentation, scars, unwanted marks while strengthening skin firmness and tone.